Name: Pamela and some friends call me Stacey.
Once Upon A Time an artist fell in love with coding. In love with how coding enables anyone to create anything they can think of that is beautiful, fun, functional and useful. She sees coding as a super power and with this superpower she's determine to master it and help those with her acquired learned skills. She's begun her journery of learning on her own, full-time for a nearly a year now and participated in various of coding communities online. One of her memorable moments would be embarking on a two-day tech conference full of others just like her. Through those experiences, she realized that learning with others and just being around those who strives for the same thing has helped her keep motivated and made her studies less stressful than it could have been if she had kept to herself. Her interest in coding grew multifold once she personally started to do more then HTML and CSS .It is quite exhilarating to see something function because of what you type. Or even see lines of code create beautiful art.
  • MySpace introduced me to HTML and CSS.👩🏾‍💻
  • In love with HTML and CSS.
  • I love creating graphic and gifs on photoshop or any photo editor.
  • I'm a Harry Potter nerd. I also love Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Marvel, and DC.
  • I remember getting Spiderman mini-comics with the newspaper as a kid. As a kid my favorite superhero were Storm, Spiderman, WonderWoman, Superman and the X-men group.
  • Manga and Manhwa = ❤️.
  • I'm also into anime but not all, the same goes for K-pop.
  • As a kid , I grew up watching foreign movies with my mother. I stumble into Korean dramas on my own during highschool. Probably around 2007 and then naturally got into K-pop. 2PM and BigBang are my ultimate favorite group. I luckily got to go to their concert.
  • I been to a lot of rock concerts. I love rock, old school hip-hop and etc.
  • I love creating things with my hands.^^
  • Tumblr

  • Position: Junior Software Engineer or any position.
  • Why: because I absolutely love the platform and of course the job benefits.
  • Skillcrush

  • Position: teaching asistant.
  • Why: I love the community. I get to continue learning to code and help others too.
  • This is a list of my accomplishments. I will jot them down as I recall them. So if I do feel short with myself I can look through this list and recall how awesome I am. I got this idea from a Skillcrush webinar. Welcome to my list of awesomeness that makes me feel proud! ~

  • Cheerleader ( 3 years )
  • Valedictorian
  • This site
  • learning to code
  • GirlsWhoCode/JerseyStem volunteer
  • learning to code
  • Got over 1,000 views for a youtube video.
  • Had 2 of my work featured on homepage
  • One of my work showed in blog, titled cool CSS illustrations
  • Went to a 2 day tech conference and got to meet a lot of professionals, some for which I take their free coding classes online. I also met awesome people. #thankyouCodeNewbie